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December 30, 2017

As we head into 2018 you can DONATE any amount via to help us wiht our all volunteer work! Happy 2018!

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

The first CB 12 Board in Your Building meeting hosted by Lower Seaman Tenants Association at LDS Church on Riverside/ Payson was held! The Chair of CB 12 Shah Ally, 1rst Vice Chair Richard Lewis, Obie Bing & Gerard Dengle represented CB 12. Well attended with local residents. It was informative and friendly meeting. Discussed were process of Inwood Rezoning and what to expect next, Concerns with Dyckman and nightlife QOL issues, How CB12 works and process and much more! Take aways were that residents need to attend CB 12 Committee and General meeting withs friends; speak and get involved, communicate with CB 12 so they can advocate. Ideas and resolutions are born from this. This meeting was in response to residents asking! Speak up! This is NYC government at most local level.

NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Want to help us? Feel free to donate any amount via secure Square. We are all volunteer and rely completely on donations for costs. Spread the love to improve Quality of Life. Use this link:

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

FREE FOREST FITNESS CLASSES ARE EXTENDED! Saturdays & Wednesdays. Contact Nancy Bruning for updates. Moving Forward Unidos has sponsored this FREE programming which will improve your Quality of LIfe!

APRIL 13, 2017

PLEASE STAY ACTIVE- attend Community Board 12 Licensing Meetings, General Meetings and NYPD 34 PCT Community Council meetings regularly and speak. Meeting locations, times and dates are listed on websites and often on the MFU Facebook page. The CB 12 General Meetings require you sign up before 6:30 pm at meeting to speak for 2 minutes only.  Get to know your Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) from the NYPD 34 PCT and stay in touch. Make 311s to get issues on the data base. Email and tweet your elected and appointed officials. Much of the information is in this website under resources. Warmer months swell the nightlife QOL problems. It is now known and accepted as a fact. Keep reporting information so manpower and resources are assigned. THANKS!

MARCH 23, 2017:

Moving Forward Unidos is sponsoring this FREE FOREST FITNESS PROGRAM!  JOIN  the group!

Did you know about the last native forest on Manhattan, where our oldest and wildest trees still live? Or that we now have three marked trails to guide you through the magnificent forest? Experience moving through nature in my Free Forest Fitness Class in Inwood Hill Park. We’ll be handing out the new Forest Fitness Map & Guide too.
– Spring session: April 17–June 10
– Mondays & Wednesdays 12 – 1 PM: Meet at Nature Center
– Saturdays 10 -11 AM: Meet at Payson Playground
As we explore forest trails we’ll incorporate basic exercises to stretch, strengthen, improve balance and increase your fitness.
Space is limited. Pre-registration recommended. 419-962-6292


Urging all to keep in touch with local officials. Continue to make 311 and 911 complaints when and ass needed so this data gets on the record. Use your smartphone app and it will track them too!

Attend CB 12 Committee and General Meetings and NYPD34 PCT Community Council Meetings.

There are multiple groups that have formed as a result of recent attempts to UPZONE Inwood. Be informed. Check them out on Facebook- Moving Forward Unidos, Inwood Preservation, Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale are a few.

Plans were announce to develop the Inwood Library. There were 3 workshops at the library to inform the public. There should be another public meeting. CB12 will have a meeting on this. Get all the information you can and make your support , opposition or suggestions heard. check the groups above and contact NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez because his role as a Council Member is key on requests for NYC ZONING changes.

NOVEMBER 16, 2016 Local Elections:

Congratulations to our local elected officials! Do not hesitate to reach out to these elected representatives because THEY WORK YOUR YOU! Here is the list:

• US Senate Charles Schumer- re-elected

• Congressman Adriano Espaillat-  our former NY State Senator

• NY State Senator Bill Perkins- re- elected

• NY State Senator Marisol Alcantara- newly elected

• NY State Assembly Member Herman Farrell- re-elected

• NY State Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa- former Chief of Staff for NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez



OCTOBER 19, 2016 NEWS:

• NYPD 34 PCT has issued 156 DWIs in the precinct so far in 2016 compared to a total of 87 for 2015. We applaud these efforts keeping the public safe and getting the message out that drunk driving will not be tolerated.

• The Democratic nominees for NYS Assembly Carmen DeLaRosa and NYS Senate Marisol Alacantara have confirmed that they will support Senator Espaillat’s proposed liquor license moratorium legislation when in office. NYC is a Democratic town and it is likely they will be elected. Senator Espaillat is Democratic nominee for Congress and it is also likely he will be elected. This is an opportunity for our NYS Assembly, Senate and US Congressional Rep to work together with our NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez for our community united. We must preserve our affordable housing and create more and improve Quality of LIfe so this neighborhood remains livable for all. We look to our elected leaders to help and are ready to work with them.


UPDATES August 2016:

NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez heard our community and voted to OPPOSE 4650 Broadway/Sherman Ave. development in August. CM Ydanis Rodriguez said NO thus the Zoning Committee, the Land Use Committee and FULL NYC Council followed suit and voted NO. This was really big! People power.

What ensued after were many inaccurate articles depicting and demeaning our community as alarmists that did not know the issues. We knew the issues. The project would have been a minimum of 15 floors and dense- a huge space wrapping along Broadway and Sherman with  200 foot deep commercial spaces. 355 units of which only 20 or 30 % would be “affordable”(“affordable” being income levels above local Inwood incomes). The project would mar historic Fort Tryon Park gateway to Inwood, displace a vital and fully operating garage and set a precedent for more spot up zonings in Inwood. Our community united, became informed on this complex ZONING issue and showed our strength. We are a force when united. The developer still has a right to build but they were asking for a zoning change to build more and would have given a small amount of “affordable” housing in exchange for the right to build more AND get SUBSIDIES to do so. The developer has owned the lot for 10 years and has not built. We wait for the next step.

ALSO: The proposed Moratorium on new liquor licenses was introduced to the state legislature but has not been voted on. Still the SLA and CB 12 have honored intent and approved few new liquor licenses since October 2015.  This has given the community, NYPD and SLA to look at the nightlife industry and take pause. Thanks to Senator Espaillat for that action!


Update- CB 12 voted to support the New Liquor License Moratorium Legislation.

Sunday December 12, 2015

Community Board 12 will vote on a resolution to support this proposed legislation on a liquor license moratorium.  The meeting is December 22.  The crafting of the legislative change specifies a criteria in order to call a moratorium in a geographic area:  increase in liquor licenses, support of local government  (Community Board) and support of elected officials (Senator and Assembly Member). The legislation will be introduced in January 2016. The Senator is asking Cb 12 and the SLA to support him and oppose all new liquor licenses in this area of Inwood as of January 2016. However the legislation, if passed may not go into effect until October.


Thursday October 22, 2015

NYS Senator Adriano Espaillat called a press conference and MFU participated. The topic: A proposed moratorium on new liquor licenses in Inwood.

Here is the press release:

News from New York State Senator

Adriano Espaillat

FOR IMMEDIATE  RELEEASE: October  22, 2015

Jake Potent | | 917-836-4377 (cell)



(Inwood, Manhattan)-  Today, Thursday October 22nd, State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan/Bronx) announced that he has called on the  New York State Liquor Authority to stop granting ‘on premise’ liquor licenses in Inwood for a period of one year, and his intention to introduce legislation to that effect when session resumes. The neighborhood, which is located at the tip of Manhattan, has seen a dramatic uptick in new liquor licenses in recent years. The number of ‘on-premise’ liquor licenses has jumped from 20, in 2012, to 31 and is on pace to double, from the 2012 level by year’s end. With the influx of new bars, Inwood has become one of New York’s noisiest neighborhoods based on 311 noise complaint data.

Senator Espaillat was joined by Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez and dozens of Inwood business owners and residents earlier today to discuss the importance of balancing economic progress with the concerns of the community.

“Nightlife has been a great economic boom for Inwood, creating new jobs and opportunities. I am proud of their success but I am also mindful of residents concerns surrounding quality of life issues,” said State Senator Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan/Bronx).  “A one year moratorium will allow for all of the stakeholders to come together and find solutions to balance economic growth with the community’s concerns.”

“Over the past decade, Dyckman street has set itself apart as a major nightlife destination in Northern Manhattan. Though this has brought great economic benefits to the community, it has also increased concerns with the quality of life in the surrounding area tenfold. In order to reevaluate where we stand and truly engage in a dialogue about the future of the corridor we need to pause the exponential increase we’ve seen in restaurants/clubs. I look forward to working with community stakeholders, the business community and state agencies to ensure best path forward, said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez.”

“We commend Senator Espaillat for acknowledging this crisis. Moving Forward Unidos supports a moratorium on liquor licenses in Inwood. We hope a balance is achieved between the thriving nightlife and the residents’ right to a peaceful home life. We applaud those businesses that provide steady quality employment and foster peaceful co-existence. We thank Senator Espaillat for creating this opportunity and look forward to working together,” said Nancy Preston, executive director of Moving Forward Unidos.

The proposed moratorium would not impact submitted applications or renewals. Restaurant wine and beer permits would still be permitted. The one year moratorium would only apply to “on-premise” liquor licenses, which the State Liquor Authority refers to as “generally considered to be the standard “bar” license”.

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Saturday October 10, 2015

Free Sailing at Dyckman Marina! Join Hudson River Community Sailing for the first “Community Sail Day” at Dyckman Marina! HRCS for free public sails to introducing HRCS and programs to the community. One hour sails departing Saturday October 10, at 10:00, 11:30, 1:00 and 2:30. For more information visit: Drop by and show how interested our community is in programs like this. HRCS is planning future events!

Tuesday September 8, 2015

GOOD NEWS written by our own local resident Lindsay Armstrong about Cold Brew Coffee and opportunities for victims of Domestic Violence right here uptown.Click the link to the story

Monday September 7, 2015

This is GOOD NEWS- WEACT for Environmental Justice providing training and opportunities for the uptown community. WEACT is reaching further north into Washington Heights and Inwood.





CONTACT: Stanley Fritz: or 212-961-1000 ext 320,

WE ACT Helping to Create a Path to Employment for Northern Manhattan Residents. 

New York City, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, the West Harlem Development Corporation (WHDC), New York City Council Member, Mark Levine, joined together to celebrate the completion by over 100 Northern Manhattan Residents of the WE ACT led, Hazardous Waste Worker Training program. All Participants who completed the training received their Occupational Safety & Health Administration Certification in Construction Safety (OSHA).

WE ACT’s Hazardous Waste Worker Training aims to recruit and train, underserved workers in West Harlem, specifically those disadvantaged in education, language skills or limited in literacy in new and emerging areas of the hazardous waste remediation workforce. As Harlem continues to be a hot bed for real estate and development, opportunities for employment will expand, by providing participants with training in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) certification in Construction Safety.

The need for employment for residents in Northern Manhattan was emphasized throughout the celebration. While speaking to the group, WE ACT Deputy Director, Cecil Corbin-Mark talked about the importance of making sure these trainings would be beneficial to the participants. Saying,

“We want to make sure this process isn’t all about the trainings and none about the jobs. There are enough programs like that in existence already.”

New York City Council Member, Mark Levine discussed the limitless opportunities that these certifications create for all of the participants. Saying,

“For many of you, this is just the beginning. From here, you can take what you learned here and use it to enter different fields, I’m excited for all of your potential”

“Charles Calloway, WE ACT organizer and point person for the project believes these trainings have created new opportunities for people in the community saying,

 “Harlem is filled with able bodied people who want to get back to work, what we get to do with this project is give them new skills that can open doors that may not have been available before.” 

Without the program, many participants would be priced out as OSHA certifications can cost hundreds of dollars to complete. Instead they are receiving this service for free with a new tool available finding a job with a living wage. When the training is over and workers receive their certification, they can use the WE ACT office to work on their resume and apply for jobs. Of those with certification, half have found employment or currently interviewing for jobs within the industry

For additional information, contact Stanley Fritz at 212-961-1000 ext. 320


West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (WE ACT for Environmental Justice) is a Northern Manhattan community-based organization whose mission is to build healthy communities by ensuring that people of color and/or low-income participate meaningfully in the creation of sound and fair environmental health and protection policies and practices. Follow us on Twitter and  Like us on Facebook